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Army Painter

Since 2007 several developments have been made in The Army Painter laboratory such as:

Colour Primers, giving hobbyists and gamers the option of spraying on a miniature’s primary colours on instead of painting them on with a brush. So the miniature Colour Primer lets you basecoat an entire regiment at a time – giving you more time for gaming.
Quickshade and the “Quickshade dipping technique”. What separates the novice from the master miniature painter? Most would say the shading and highlighting. Countless hours have been spent giving life to Orks, Elves, Space Marines and Marauders by painstakingly darkening shadows under arms, rifles and talons to make them lifelike. But what if hours could be made in to seconds? The Army Painter Quickshade Dipping Technique does exactly that, a quick dip of your miniature in the Quickshade and a vigorous shake followed by a day of drying and Voila! The miniature has been shaded to perfection, do this with an entire regiment at a time and you will have saved yourself days or even weeks of work. Finished off with The Army Painter anti-shine Varnish for an extremely lifelike result, in an outstanding Gaming Standard.

Together with the Quickshade and the Colour Primer The Army Painter produces a high quality Warpaints series consisting of basecoat colours, inks and metallic Warpaints that has one of the industry’s best coverages. They are extremely easy to work with and yields fantastic results.